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Question: where am I?

My country has no flag. Its has no national anthem, although some of its citizens are partial to folk music and Morris dancing. No seething, populous crowds cheer my country on, with loud or incoherent cries in the street. Its … Continue reading

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I'm not a racist, but I do play one on the wireless

Yesterday, Sir Henry Woburn managed a wonderful juxtaposition on his early-morning Tory Funtime Hour. Shortly before 8am, he made a risky-for-the-BBC if banal racist joke about the Japanese—yes, he used the word “rubbery” at around 21.5 minutes—and followed that after … Continue reading

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Yes, we can (all of a sudden, like)

monkeyhands wonders whether first-time voters couldn’t have made it to the booths a bit sooner: Waiting for the perfect presidential candidate before you deign to cast a vote is like waiting for your parents to stop being homophobic before you … Continue reading

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Where life is beautiful all the time

Anton Vowl discusses cryptoracists, and the preferred mode of transport of the people who oppress their common-sense opinions: Which brings me to the other kind of racist, who is much more loathsome. This kind of racist doesn’t admit he’s racist. … Continue reading

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The family that plays together allays together

This weekend I went to see my parents. Life has always been hairy around my dad, not least because until recently he’s been fairly hairy anyway. But he’s one of those old-old Labour types who lapse into quasi-Tory authoritarian Tebbitness … Continue reading

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How cool is now?

You all know the arguments against Big Brother. You all know the arguments in favour of Big Brother. I won’t patronise you by rehearsing them here, each with its own bullet point. Of more interest is the tone that airing … Continue reading

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