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The surest way to make a monkey of a man

I just finished Musings of a Monkey, by Steven Baxter. It’s partly a compilation of his blogposts (from Enemies of Reason and other sources), partly a handful of extended essays on the state of journalism and the ramifications of the … Continue reading

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You won't believe it!

Blogging at The Sun – Tabloid Lies, D-Notice links to an article on the Sun’s website, where some woman was filming her baby and there’s odd sounds on the tape. I won’t say any more than that about the particular … Continue reading

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SOME people have written critical blogposts abotu our notes!!!

The local branch of Sue Ryder is fed up of having post-carboot leavings dropped on its doorstep when it’s closed on a Sunday. Fair enough, I suppose: it turns out they can’t use the donations and have to pay a … Continue reading

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Lord of the manner

Marco Pierre White owns a pub, called not “The Yew Tree Inn” but “Marco Pierre White’s Yew Tree Inn.” We must be thankful he didn’t call it “The Marco Pierre White at Yew Tree.” According to a recent interview in … Continue reading

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PETA cheese starts to stink

Misogynist, misguided, cake-headed, fake-furred, philosophically challenged starey-eyed vegaloons PETA continue to objectify women with their advertising campaigns, also merely incidentally saying something or other about, oh, vegetarianism or whatever. Stop thinking and look at the norks, you peasants. PETA embody … Continue reading

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This is just to advertise

From a passive-aggressive note: via rhodri, and with apologies to William Carlos Williams: We require someone on drums which explains this advert to which previous applicants may reapply except Graham Forgive us we can only handle so much loud cowbell.

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The raw, the cooked and the half-baked

Rebecca Nicolson on The Lipster argues rather naively that the offence caused by PETA’s latest campaign is the whole point. Well, it’s true that PETA, being the Dagenham of animal “rights” organizations, attempt to cause offence and outcries with everything … Continue reading

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