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In the gota fria, but drinking the stars

My parents’ move to Spain is grounded in a number of founding myths. They all revolve around their determination to overcome a reluctance to leave what was, back in 2002, their lifelong home. These myths include their conviction that Mum’s … Continue reading

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Kindling that most marvellous liquor

I’ve been boycotting Amazon for its tax avoidance for ages now. Rather, I ought to say, boycotting it on and off. This year, in order to best deploy my resources on having a decent pre-Christmas with my parents (especially following … Continue reading

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Hanlon’s razor just makes me stroppy

Let’s please all promise to stop quoting this, and all variations on it: Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. (link) When people drag out Bonaparte’s (or Hanlon’s if you like) tedious old canard about malice … Continue reading

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My memory of Focus DIY

As Focus DIY implodes as gracelessly as a cowpat laid in slow-motion on a landmine, its second attempt at a CVA (or is it the third?) rejected by creditors sufficiently impatient that they might be mistaken for Focus customers, it’s … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2010

Last year my personal carbon footprint was 2.3 tonnes. This year it’s 1.32 tonnes. What’s the secret of my success? In one way, you might say we cheated: we left our draughty rented house over a year ago and bought … Continue reading

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Brittany Ferries accept vegetarians exist, just about

In the most recent LRB, Stephen Shapin reviews Michael Steinberger’s book about the fall of French cuisine. While Steinberger’s frankly bizarre neoliberal, uncontrollable-market afterwords can probably be discarded, the basic premise—that French cuisine is ossified and tedious—is one with which … Continue reading

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Tagging's too good for them

Teabags with tags are a pain in the arse. I mean, the idea seems sound—a heat-resistant paper handle to lift out a nearly boiling teabag—and probably did have a function before the invention of the spoon. These days, though, a … Continue reading

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