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A shop in your palm is worth two that are shut

I’m not one to romanticise the late and popularly lamented Oxford branch of Gill’s. I’ve turned up at its door towards the end of a Saturday shopping in Oxford enough times—I think three—only to find it closed early. I have … Continue reading

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Support your local record store, or the environment?

I very gladly took part in Record Store Day this year. Witney might not have much, but it does have one of the very few independent record shops in Oxfordshire, and a real gem at that: Rapture Entertainment. The previous … Continue reading

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Lord of the manner

Marco Pierre White owns a pub, called not “The Yew Tree Inn” but “Marco Pierre White’s Yew Tree Inn.” We must be thankful he didn’t call it “The Marco Pierre White at Yew Tree.” According to a recent interview in … Continue reading

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One World Fayre

Yesterday I was at Oxford’s One World Fair in the Town Hall. It was interesting enough. We saw a lot of very expensive carved wooden objets d’art and far more useful bric-à-brac. “Bric-à-brac,” pertaining as it does to products which … Continue reading

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Friday's Big Adventure, or: do you wish that the Wombles were real?

You should never meet your heroes. Unless they’re cheery Midland heroes with crazy hair, gleeful grins and a manner like they’re talking to a semi-regular acquaintance. The bouncers at the Cardiac, presumably sick of Carling and its pissy lagers, discouraged … Continue reading

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Big feeds with little feeds upon their sites to pack 'em?

On the aforementioned bus journey, my companion spent some enjoyable time regaling me with tales of his work Christmas do, spent with Scouting for Girls, and of a recent Beatlemania-esque stampede for We Are Scientists trampling shop stock under foot. … Continue reading

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Oh, suddenly EVERYONE's a lexicographer

When they’re not prosecuting their devoted customers through the RIAA, big labels like EMI are trying to pretend they’re everybody’s friend. Such was the discovery of thenulldevice, when he found a sampler in Rough Trade Records which helpfully defined the … Continue reading

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