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One World Fayre

Yesterday I was at Oxford’s One World Fair in the Town Hall. It was interesting enough. We saw a lot of very expensive carved wooden objets d’art and far more useful bric-à-brac. “Bric-à-brac,” pertaining as it does to products which … Continue reading

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Friday's Big Adventure, or: do you wish that the Wombles were real?

You should never meet your heroes. Unless they’re cheery Midland heroes with crazy hair, gleeful grins and a manner like they’re talking to a semi-regular acquaintance. The bouncers at the Cardiac, presumably sick of Carling and its pissy lagers, discouraged … Continue reading

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Big feeds with little feeds upon their sites to pack 'em?

On the aforementioned bus journey, my companion spent some enjoyable time regaling me with tales of his work Christmas do, spent with Scouting for Girls, and of a recent Beatlemania-esque stampede for We Are Scientists trampling shop stock under foot. … Continue reading

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Oh, suddenly EVERYONE's a lexicographer

When they’re not prosecuting their devoted customers through the RIAA, big labels like EMI are trying to pretend they’re everybody’s friend. Such was the discovery of thenulldevice, when he found a sampler in Rough Trade Records which helpfully defined the … Continue reading

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If music be the food of love, I'm eating weird futuristic pill-sized meals

This is the year that I hope to stop buying brand-new CDs. Even if you don’t consider the media they contain, the boxes alone are an environmental nightmare. So far the only recycling use I’ve found for them is a … Continue reading

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I'd be crazy not to follow, follow where you lead

My In Rainbows discbox finally arrived on Friday, after much redirection over Christmas. It’s a work of art in itself, a book-in-box like the Folio Society produces, with two 45rpm, 12″ vinyls bookending a padded gatefold sleeve. Inside there’s two … Continue reading

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CarZoLingAcaDiac has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Attention, Oxford musical types! If you’re not calling the new Carling Academy The CarDiac by the end of the month, you’re nobody. (Obligatory ptui: Carling, o tempura, o vegetables, où sont les boîtes d’antan etc?)

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Wych planet are you on?

Edit: see comments: it turns out I was misinformed by whoever was manning the phones that day…. Those who know me know I love real ale. And two trips round the Wychwood Brewery—once with friends, once with my in-laws—are testament … Continue reading

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Three inches forward, two inches back

As part of my ongoing one-upmanship with the employee of the local record shop (utterly unbeknownst to him, I’m sure) I took in a semi-rare CD of Les Savy Fav yesterday to let be played/show off. Rather tactlessly, this might … Continue reading

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Awaiting the Rapture

Following on from my decision to disconnect entirely from socially irresponsible, fuel-guzzling Amazon, I’ve started a wishlist at ThingsILove (from hatmandu, who in turn I think got it from julietk). I jotted down a few of these this morning, and … Continue reading

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