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Involve me and I forget

After planning and then implementing yet another evening conference yesterday, I could hear my own fuses blowing today. Socialising, and especially “being professional,” depletes a certain reserve in my brain, and the day after I tend to be cranky, headachy, … Continue reading

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You should donate to the Red Cross in Japan now

The Red Cross is taking donations towards the ongoing effort in Japan following the earthquakes, tsunami and now nuclear reactor explosions in the country. You can give money to the British Red Cross, and the funds will be used by … Continue reading

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Simplicity, simplistic and just plain simple

We’ve finally spent all of our wedding-gift Ikea vouchers, thank Christ. Not that we weren’t grateful for receiving them in the first place, of course: the final bill was reduced by an order of magnitude, which was a welcome surprise. … Continue reading

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Put my HIP out

Buying a house is simultaneously dull and fascinating: dulled by the sheer weight of process and documentation you have to wade through; but enlivened by the way that it impinges on faintly esoteric matters of property law and rightful ownership, … Continue reading

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Neglect your political husbandry and parasites will creep in

Late last night I ran out of time and, fearful of the onset of a migraine, didn’t commit this to blog publication. Political bloggers far better than I— especially septicisle—have summarized events better than I might. Much as feminism is … Continue reading

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The truth about Woolworths

… is present in the myth of consumer empowerment: Capitalism is about power. That’s why so many elements of it are inexplicable. It is not, and has never been, about rewarding hard work. It’s about using a system that pretends … Continue reading

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Consumerism will eat itself

monkeyhands discusses real consumer confidence: … When I hear about “consumer confidence” being low, I think that’s completely the wrong way of framing it. Shopping isn’t a confidence-affirming act. Real confidence comes when you say “Fuck it. I know how … Continue reading

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