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Fade in gently

I’m a longstanding fan of John Peel. What do I mean by that? I love and appreciate what he did to promote and disseminate music; I enjoy at least some of the individual works he popularized; I feel a wistful … Continue reading

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The smoke in Spain pools mainly like a stain

Since Spain introduced a partial smoking ban back in 2006, smokers and their enablers had clearly spent time finding their way round it. Since the last time I was over there, smoking had wormed its way back into bars and … Continue reading

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If you've no way to hide then you've nothing to fear

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my yellow cycling jacket, but seasons change and eventually it becomes time to put away clothes better suited for the wet. The sun has started to show a more regular appearance, and I … Continue reading

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A happy ending in Dorset

Over two years ago, I called out Dorset Cereals on their use of palm oil. Moving house and other nonsense intervened, and it was only recently I was able to start chasing them again. Their packaging still had palm oil … Continue reading

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Where there's life, there's life after Hopenhagen

Christmastime and Christmastide wait for no man, and there’s been plenty to prevent me from following up on my doom-laden thoughts about COP15 and what might happen if it failed: which it did. Before 2009 draws entirely to a close … Continue reading

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And all I got was this lousy bright-blue T-shirt

Yesterday K and I were at The Wave in London, the march against climate change. There’s a climate march in December every year, but this year put every other year’s to shame. The police initially said around 20,000 people (having … Continue reading

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George Monbiot Facts

Nobody writes polemics quite like Monbiot’s tirade against Hazel Blears (via many, including looby): The only consistent political principle I can deduce from these positions is slavish obedience to your masters. Theyworkforyou sums up your political record thus: “Never rebels … Continue reading

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Dorset Cereals and palm oil: timestamp

I forgot to keep a record of this. Dated 30 October: Hi, I’m a big fan of Dorset Cereals muesli, and we even have them available at work. However, I was reading the ingredients list on the “Sweet & Juicy: … Continue reading

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Music for the worried generation

I was at the London climate march this weekend. It happened alongsize some hundred other marches across the world, including one in Poznan before the UN conference. Not that you would know from much of the mainstream media—BBC 6 Music … Continue reading

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I'm not a lawyer, but I play one in photo opportunities

My dad says he never uses indicators while in a car park, because legally you don’t have to. This comment was made a few weeks after he came back to his car, parked in a branch of Carrefour, to find … Continue reading

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