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The long hair of youth: how unique and quintessential it is!

Last weekend, as an excuse to make the journey, I cycled in the sun to the nearby tip and back carrying K’s ancient laptop. It was the sort of morning, with radiant solar power offset by cooling winds, that makes … Continue reading

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The town centre cannot hold

Living in Oxford for ten years, and little Cotswolds villages for another couple of years, gives one an unrealistic expectation of the pace of civic change. While the loss of certain tenants of the public space – pubs, bookshops, ancient … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics begin early in Witney

After avoiding most of the worst of the snow and the frost I managed to come off my bike on ice this week. Astonishingly, it wasn’t the fault of the local councils through not gritting. I mean: they haven’t gritted, … Continue reading

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The councillor's nearly-new clothes cannot be left at this depot

When an organization endorses a sign, then what that sign says (and what happens to it) reflects on that organization. Just as the attitude of fast food giants to the planet is best reflected in their tacit acceptance of their … Continue reading

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Hooray for toll bridges

When I first heard someone complaining in the local press about it taking them forty minutes to get into Oxford from west Oxfordshire, my immediate reaction was: so what? That sounds about right, and if you have the misfortune to … Continue reading

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New discoveries for 2009

Radio We’ve had possession of a digital radio for the festive season. Now, I’m happy to share in the Register’s skepticism about the future of DAB. Any cessation of transmissions on the FM band would be a disaster: not just … Continue reading

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Spokesman for the downtrodden cyclist

Tim Ireland thinks David Cameron is a moron. Normally I’d agree with him (although for “moron” I’d substitute “weird crypto-aristocratic melty-faced greenwashing muffintop of a pointmissing waste of political capital”). But not in this case. Call Me Dave should never … Continue reading

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