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Our car Hrududu failed to start again this morning, as the battery had drained itself of charge and its connections, held on by jubilee clips for years, have started to come loose again, apparently owing to differential shrinkage of metals … Continue reading

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Find out what it means to me

(I want to write – indeed, still intend to write – about nicer cycling experiences. But events require me to at least make a historical record of what happened today. I must also apologise if I have to revise any … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #9

Cycling with headphones in is dangerous, and the cyclist has only himself to blame if there’s an accident. Having a loud sound system in your car is merely antisocial, and then only if you use it in a built-up area.

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Driver privilege #8

If I fired a starter pistol every morning at ten to seven, I’d be up before the magistrates before I knew it. But because it’s a motorcycle that I’m gunning when I wake everyone up, that’s absolutely fine.

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Driver privilege #6

The police should crack down on pavement cycling. Pavement parking and driving? Sometimes you just can’t avoid doing that, especially because the council has made life too difficult for delivery or security vans.

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Driver privilege #2

“Although I could cycle my commute to work and get fit at the same time, I choose to drive instead. It’s socially acceptable for me to excuse this by saying that I want to have have enough energy left at … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #1

“I’m a no-hoper sad sack, but even though I live in a small village I can still pursue a reasonably active social life in the nearest city centre through frequent evening commuting.”

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