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The long hair of youth: how unique and quintessential it is!

Last weekend, as an excuse to make the journey, I cycled in the sun to the nearby tip and back carrying K’s ancient laptop. It was the sort of morning, with radiant solar power offset by cooling winds, that makes … Continue reading

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The party’s over, Queenie

Put out fewer flags: we’re coming to the end of the long Jubilee weekend. And it’s been full of the usual vapid jingoism/celebration of constitutional tradition that accompanies such events, followed by the expected welcome imposition of democratic sanity/jealous carping … Continue reading

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Copenhagen strategies

We’ve both just returned from Copenhagen: a conference trip for me, a birthday holiday for K. Denmark is an oddity: much as Finland looks Scandinavian when you squint, Denmark looks a little Germanic when you don’t. The capital city is … Continue reading

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I'm not a racist, but I do play one on the wireless

Yesterday, Sir Henry Woburn managed a wonderful juxtaposition on his early-morning Tory Funtime Hour. Shortly before 8am, he made a risky-for-the-BBC if banal racist joke about the Japanese—yes, he used the word “rubbery” at around 21.5 minutes—and followed that after … Continue reading

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What's a fan of Russell Brand to do?

I love my Dad. For some time I couldn’t cope with him, and it looked to all intents and purposes like I didn’t love him at all. But now I can deal with him, and we have a lot more … Continue reading

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It's not racist if you just hate yourself

In typically offensive fashion, b3ta provided its newsletter subscribers with a racist song this week. It’s kind of funny if horrid and amateurish, which is a good strapline for the b3ta site generally. I drop “funny” into there in the … Continue reading

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What people say, and where the echoes end up

“Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat.” So said Brian Cox, or maybe he didn’t. Johnny Walker was all over the LHC on R2, of course, so Cox may have had a point, if he … Continue reading

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We must deploy troops immediately

vinaigrettegirl writes to Nadine Dorries, which optimistically presupposes that the latter can read the communcation. Since she went up against Ben Goldacre and, by proxy, Snopes, Dorries has generally been considered something of an idiot. Most recently, Unity has taken … Continue reading

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News flash: we've dismantled the patriarchy!

I stand corrected and astonished: K. tells me that Fran and Lynn chatted quite amicably on Friday’s show. This surprised her as much in the hearing as it did me in the hearing-said, so I wasn’t alone in my imaginings … Continue reading

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