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Season of longings

A couple of weekends ago one of my colleagues offered us all a day trip on the riverboat he lives on. K. and I joined a number of my co-workers in hopping on board – often literally, as it passed … Continue reading

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Here comes everybody, voting how they want

The dust has yet to settle; yet any election blogpost is already out of date. Other more savvy political commentators than me (and probably ones with more time on their hands) like Obsolete and Anton Vowl have already digested much … Continue reading

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I've just found the silver lining

I console myself with the fact that she like others might not be an estate agent for much longer. FALCO: Fuckall and Buyhard, Witney. Like dayglo colours and electronic music, the closure of estate agents is back in fashion.

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Age shall not weary them, sadly

(Embargoed until our new letting contract went through.) A few weeks ago, K. received a phone call from our very apologetic letting agents. Our regular contact had recently negotiated a good rent increase with the landlady, and had generally treated … Continue reading

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Constructive criticism

As house building companies shed employees left, right and centre, I regret not posting the sekrit insider information I had a few weeks ago. K. quite rightly warned me off, out of libel concerns: suggesting that a company is doing … Continue reading

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Any club that would have you as a member

Now that the great house-transferral industry is in trouble, estate agents are arguably even worse human beings than they were a bit over a year ago. Back then they were busy bothering and berating anyone on their books in order … Continue reading

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Nobody knows to move 'cept my baby

A number of companies and organisations these days offer services to move your accounts when you move house. Finally waking up to the fact that a huge number of people are mobile from year to year, and are effectively disenfranchised … Continue reading

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