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The ballot is stronger than the breloc

Those who were wondering about the candidacies of K and me for little Pahamovca’s mayorship have a double disappointment ahead of them. Sadly, we both failed to obtain enough votes in the first round election, which was held coincidentally at … Continue reading

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Here comes everybody, voting how they want

The dust has yet to settle; yet any election blogpost is already out of date. Other more savvy political commentators than me (and probably ones with more time on their hands) like Obsolete and Anton Vowl have already digested much … Continue reading

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Yes, we can (all of a sudden, like)

monkeyhands wonders whether first-time voters couldn’t have made it to the booths a bit sooner: Waiting for the perfect presidential candidate before you deign to cast a vote is like waiting for your parents to stop being homophobic before you … Continue reading

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If we're in the future now, where's my jetpack?

Since staying up for the first round of election results I haven’t really caught up on my sleep until today. I woke at one point last night feeling like I had been drugged, so deep had I been sleeping. Even … Continue reading

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We can never have too much of your yapping

Via Rachel North, I present the return of the most annoying people ever to grace drinks advertising, the Wassup crowd. Don’t click away: it’s worth watching as far as one of them trying to hang himself: I envisage a followup … Continue reading

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Badgerous George

Out of curiosity, prompted by this story about badgers, I searched YouTube for any film of this stripey menace. “Basra” would be too specific, I thought, so I searched for “badger iraq”. At the time of going to press, the … Continue reading

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Aryan man confounded by election procedure

So, farewell then, John Bolton. As Bush’s ambassador—for TEFL students reading this, ambassador is pronounced “stooge”—to the UN, you have represented your country and il Duce on the world stage in a manner that future generations of historians will all … Continue reading

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