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The heavy black trains / A million engines in neutral

There were people having worse experiences than travelling by train last Wednesday as the storm first started to roll in, but it was still pretty much awful: I ended up better off than many fellow passengers, but even then essentially … Continue reading

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Let us celebrate this monumental progress!

Forward! with the great people’s construction project! May great successes befall the imagining of your beneficient representation through the medium of collectively owned urban transport infrastructure! Celebrate the greatness of both our interpersonal bonds and the proletariat’s cultural simplicity, through … Continue reading

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666: the Marx of the Beaker

This morning on the way to work I was thinking—don’t ask me why—about the prohibition of words like “cunt” in print. I wondered if I could get the prefix “Marxis-” asterisked out in the dailies, given that it’s almost always … Continue reading

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