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The party’s over, Queenie

Put out fewer flags: we’re coming to the end of the long Jubilee weekend. And it’s been full of the usual vapid jingoism/celebration of constitutional tradition that accompanies such events, followed by the expected welcome imposition of democratic sanity/jealous carping … Continue reading

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The truth about Woolworths

… is present in the myth of consumer empowerment: Capitalism is about power. That’s why so many elements of it are inexplicable. It is not, and has never been, about rewarding hard work. It’s about using a system that pretends … Continue reading

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Pastoral, interrupted

Today I left work while there was still a dribble of sunlight over the landscape, melting into the valleys just as the frost itself started to solidify. Going from a five-minute-late departure on Friday, to one five minutes early on … Continue reading

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Turn on; tune in; rest yer legs

I went to a gig at The Jericho (with optional Tavern) last night: one of the bands I’d seen before (and contains a friend and co-worker); one of them I missed as I had to catch my bus home; the … Continue reading

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Lots of money, lots and lots of money

I heard on the radio this morning that, as the Tories believe that married couples provide the best environment for children to grow up in, they’ll be offering such families £20 as an incentive. That the Tories are effectively proposing … Continue reading

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A hand, a fist, hoocha hoocha hoocha, Panama!

Borders has one of the best selections of obscure, niche-market magazines in Oxford. For all its multinational rapacity, and its attempts to package, brand, pre-chew and mulch down literature that a bookshop ought to treat with at least a little … Continue reading

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A drop in the opprobrium

I want to do something. You want to do something. How could you not? Our government sanctions invasions; it sanctions torture; it lies to us, misrepresenting dodgy intelligence to compel us to agree. It makes us live in fear; it … Continue reading

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