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The LRB is political because everything is political

I’ve tried to think of ways of explaining why the LRB is such a fantastic publication, and why everyone who counts themselves a reasonable, informed human being ought to subscribe to it (much as they should also pay at least … Continue reading

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If you like Speak You're Branes so much why dont you live their

Current affairs abound in dichotomies, real and imagined. The past few days have taught me that right this news-second there are two people in this great nation of ours: those who are in an almighty froth over Rowan Williams’ recent … Continue reading

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We know what we know, and deny what we deny

(Letter to the LRB, sent 24 April 2007, unpublished) Dear Ms Wilmers, Re: Letters, LRB 29/8 (26 April 2007) In an attempt to play down the global scientific consensus on climate change, Louis Harovitz employs philosophy of science with cavalier … Continue reading

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Waging war on the Amazonians

Dear Jeff Bezos, Why what you and your company are doing has finally become unacceptable I’m a pragmatist when it comes to economics. A purist in my politics, I nonetheless see that all commerce is to some extent tainted by … Continue reading

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