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Piscine-chauffée socialists

This weekend we were in Sheffield, looking at possible houses to buy. Sheffield’s contrasts always surprise me: green parks jostling alongside brownfield sites and lockups; smart social engagement cheek by jowl with grinding poverty. We found a park none of … Continue reading

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The beautiful boredom of borders

A couple of weeks ago I painted three panels of a fence round our back garden. It’s a laborious task, even using a three-inch brush: given the contents of the neighbours’ garden behind, I could never spray it on. Besides, … Continue reading

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Gallae sunt ibi divisa in partes duae

There are chickens next door. We first heard them making oddly unclucky noises and, forewarned by the neighbours, went upstairs to have a look out of the bathroom window. There are two of them, with toffee-coloured feathers and red, stupid … Continue reading

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Heading back west

By now we’re pretty much (re-)settled in the rural idyll that is west Oxfordshire. We’ve almost entirely finished cleaning the old house—a nightmare to do anything with, as the slightest act of leaning on something to give it a bit … Continue reading

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