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The heavy black trains / A million engines in neutral

There were people having worse experiences than travelling by train last Wednesday as the storm first started to roll in, but it was still pretty much awful: I ended up better off than many fellow passengers, but even then essentially … Continue reading

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To travel hopefully

We made it to my parents’ house for Christmas. We shouldn’t have. We should have got stuck at any number of stages on our journey—as West Oxfordshire shut down, then Oxford train station, then St Pancras, then Calais, Cherbourg, St … Continue reading

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Volte-face, post-haste

One of the tasks you have to attend to (desultorily) when you move house is changing one’s address with banks, utility companies and now the DVLA. Last night I had just finished addressing envelopes for both licence and car registration, … Continue reading

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The councillor's nearly-new clothes cannot be left at this depot

When an organization endorses a sign, then what that sign says (and what happens to it) reflects on that organization. Just as the attitude of fast food giants to the planet is best reflected in their tacit acceptance of their … Continue reading

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small dot beds and dot large at bears dot bbc at and dot com

The BBC has twin, conflicting pressures that give its web presence a certain flavour. On the one hand, because public service broadcasting does have a certain freedom, then it can adopt technologies quite early, if only on the small scale. … Continue reading

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2 out of 365 ain't bad

Further to yesterday’s post, I was passed by a Fire Service van again on Cuckoo Lane this morning: OE52 YGG. Obviously I can’t tell whether or not it was the same one as was careering its way over the Cotswolds … Continue reading

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Road safety: 365, but not at 0822 this morning

365 Alive is a campaign the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is conducting to battle the twin evils of fire and, er, bad driving. A clear example of external categorisation based on an organization’s internal procedures there. But the campaign … Continue reading

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