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We remember in order to forget

Bonfire Night is the kind of gruesome success that most PR people or politicians – still just about separate careers – could only dream of. The idea was planted by the fires, the guys, and of course that doggerel. Alan … Continue reading

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Helping out a badass in need

My granddad is nearly ninety. He was a badass in the Second World War, and I love him. He joined the 24th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery when he was 17. Not long after, he found himself on the … Continue reading

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The hardest button to buttonhole

Speechification’s superb service to the nation has delivered The Human Button into my podcast tracking devicicule recently. It’s broadly speaking a nutritious slice of Reithian radio and very listenable, although just as establishment as milord would have loved to hear. … Continue reading

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British police beat peaceful protesters, again

The innocent man has only so much to fear from the police as they do from any other bunch of otherwise laughable, heavily armed, thick-skulled, stoked-up neds. There’s currently a peaceful demonstration and climate workshop camp being run near the … Continue reading

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Flowers care only about how they look to bees

The Poet Laura-eate provides two perspectives on the problem of the colour of one’s poppies. I tend these days to wear a red poppy. But then I’m not wearing it entirely for myself any more: I’m also wearing it for … Continue reading

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Badgerous George

Out of curiosity, prompted by this story about badgers, I searched YouTube for any film of this stripey menace. “Basra” would be too specific, I thought, so I searched for “badger iraq”. At the time of going to press, the … Continue reading

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A hand, a fist, hoocha hoocha hoocha, Panama!

Borders has one of the best selections of obscure, niche-market magazines in Oxford. For all its multinational rapacity, and its attempts to package, brand, pre-chew and mulch down literature that a bookshop ought to treat with at least a little … Continue reading

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