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They take and they take and they take

I don’t know many entrepreneurs. If you count people who would routinely and unironically refer to themselves as such, I only really know one; he seems all right enough, as an acquaintance. But (a couple of years ago) that one … Continue reading

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Success is bounding from failure to failure with no loss of phone

It’s no exaggeration to say that getting a smartphone changed my life, for all sorts of reasons. And it’s also no exaggeration to say that losing a smartphone, once you start to rely on it, is like losing a well-thumbed … Continue reading

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Closer to distant generations

Sometimes when I ring my Granddad (which I don’t do often enough) I talk to him for a good while. On those occassions, conversation has a natural ebb and flow, of the kind I achieve with closer friends, and we … Continue reading

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Can you tweet me, mother?

I’ve never thought of myself as the sort of internet junkie that can’t last more than an hour or so without tweeting, blogging or checking something online. I tend to be a briefly toe-dipping early adopter, then later on a … Continue reading

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The early bird gets it in the neck

Brennig wonders how anyone could ring anyone else at 2.30am about a car. All I can add in terms of data points is that my birthday began earlier than I had planned this morning, as someone who’s either a quondam … Continue reading

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Who the hell are you?

While planning on the phone for his arrival in Oxford tomorrow, I just referred to Looby as, er, Looby. He isn’t called Looby. Well, you know: any more than I’m called “sbalb” or “smallbeds”. It confused him quite a bit, … Continue reading

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Who'd have twought it?

You should never listen to me, really. When Twitter could no longer send free SMS updates in the UK, I was one of many that predicted the decline of the service in this country. The reason was my personal experience: … Continue reading

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If we're in the future now, where's my jetpack?

Since staying up for the first round of election results I haven’t really caught up on my sleep until today. I woke at one point last night feeling like I had been drugged, so deep had I been sleeping. Even … Continue reading

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The Big Blow Out

Our local surgery is actually encouraging people to join The Big Opt Out, which may be in line with the BMA’s general policy and so more common than I expected. Unfortunately I’m having perennial printer problems and so can’t get … Continue reading

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