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I must create an object or be entranced by another man’s

My face is burning as it might do after a summer’s day. Not that it was particularly hot out today, but the persistent sun has combined with the equally persistent biting wind to strip the moisture as surely as if … Continue reading

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Life must be lived upright, but can only be understood cocktail

I’ve not always been a programmer, but since I could hold a keyboard I’ve been a computer nut. A nerd, if not always a geek. I collected games with obsessive avarice, although my choices were always the weird ones of … Continue reading

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People who agonized over these decisions also agonized over

While we’re on the subject of commerce, it’s worth revising a couple of my longstanding resolutions with regards to online purchases. If nothing else, exposing my hypocrisy at least makes me feel less like I’m being wilfully misleading and more … Continue reading

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Can you tweet me, mother?

I’ve never thought of myself as the sort of internet junkie that can’t last more than an hour or so without tweeting, blogging or checking something online. I tend to be a briefly toe-dipping early adopter, then later on a … Continue reading

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A later "Tom and Jerry" when the two of them could talk

Momus has discussed the late-70s/early-80s life and times of Alberto Camerini in a recent post. It was in the context of a recent BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, and he helpfully links to the first ten minutes of the documentary for … Continue reading

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If we're in the future now, where's my jetpack?

Since staying up for the first round of election results I haven’t really caught up on my sleep until today. I woke at one point last night feeling like I had been drugged, so deep had I been sleeping. Even … Continue reading

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For all your libel threat needs

Craig Murray is once again being threatened with libel action by a millionaire, although this time the threat is a rather tangential and allusive one made by someone who considers himself a “good friend” of the potential plaintiff. What’s most … Continue reading

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A sound solution

Feeling a bit under the weather, I’ve hunkered down today. I’m psychologically incapable of relaxing, though, so I’ve spent the time tidying bits of the house. The difficulty with having an outsize house for our needs—especially one with an easy-to-forget … Continue reading

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Tomorrow night I make a fool of myself

Tomorrow night is the fourth of our occasional geek socials, and I will spend it running around like a loon. There’s some excellent speakers on, actually: we’ll be discussing mySociety and the Pylons web framework. And the microslots are a … Continue reading

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We only come out at Nights

In other news, though, the next local geekstravaganza is on Upcoming. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep by then.

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