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People who agonized over these decisions also agonized over

While we’re on the subject of commerce, it’s worth revising a couple of my longstanding resolutions with regards to online purchases. If nothing else, exposing my hypocrisy at least makes me feel less like I’m being wilfully misleading and more … Continue reading

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Simplicity, simplistic and just plain simple

We’ve finally spent all of our wedding-gift Ikea vouchers, thank Christ. Not that we weren’t grateful for receiving them in the first place, of course: the final bill was reduced by an order of magnitude, which was a welcome surprise. … Continue reading

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A sound solution

Feeling a bit under the weather, I’ve hunkered down today. I’m psychologically incapable of relaxing, though, so I’ve spent the time tidying bits of the house. The difficulty with having an outsize house for our needs—especially one with an easy-to-forget … Continue reading

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Coming out of Cowes, forwards

I’m back from our sailing trip, and I’m not dead. A few days ago this was all I was wishing for, really: ending up in the Solent in my post-influenza state would’ve left me a bag of shivers and rattling … Continue reading

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Waging war on the Amazonians

Dear Jeff Bezos, Why what you and your company are doing has finally become unacceptable I’m a pragmatist when it comes to economics. A purist in my politics, I nonetheless see that all commerce is to some extent tainted by … Continue reading

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