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If Kant explains it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Without really meaning to, I’ve spent the last couple of years limbering up for reading big, long books (with the likes of Wodehouse and Christie in between for perspective, and light relief.) Having a Kindle – and eschewing Amazon in … Continue reading

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Switch off, delve in, flake out

The stress of buying a house takes all the wind and bluster out of one, which is why there’s been so little posted here recently. I’ve been almost too busy to be angry about things, not that you’d know if … Continue reading

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The value of made things

I’ve spent a couple of hours looking for a durable, high-capacity alternative for my iPod, and come to the conclusion that one simply doesn’t exist. A reasonably well constructed Flash-based mp3 player would suffice, were it not for the fact … Continue reading

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Traitor to my demographic

My iPod has finally died, and I may have had a hand in killing it. Semiconductors shouldn’t get that hot. It was something of a kindness, though, as it’s been intermittently rubbish for nearly a year now (starting shortly after … Continue reading

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All systems no-go

On Friday, full of a hangover, I plain forgot to get the food out of the other office’s fridge to make sandwiches. Supplementing margarine sandwiches with as much junk food as my liver could take, I consoled myself with the … Continue reading

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