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The heavy black trains / A million engines in neutral

There were people having worse experiences than travelling by train last Wednesday as the storm first started to roll in, but it was still pretty much awful: I ended up better off than many fellow passengers, but even then essentially … Continue reading

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Authorship, once gazed upon, can never be erased

One of my reasons for moving this blog to was that I wanted to largely dissociate it from myself: that is, my public self, my employer, my real-life friends. This wasn’t just to be able to make sarcastic remarks … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2009

Last year I discussed my carbon audit for 2008. I use The Carbon Account to keep as close a track of my personal carbon emissions as possible. This year I’ve been keeping a similar record, but the result is confused … Continue reading

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Who'd have twought it?

You should never listen to me, really. When Twitter could no longer send free SMS updates in the UK, I was one of many that predicted the decline of the service in this country. The reason was my personal experience: … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2008

I track my main sources of carbon emissions using The Carbon Account. You put in your mileage—it works out your car’s efficiency from its make and model—and your meter readings—it works out your electricity’s greenness from your provider—and it does … Continue reading

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When I think about you I search myself

Google has given up its use of GMail in Germany, in favour of the trademark owned by I for one was up most nights these past three years, pacing the floor, choreographing in my sleepless brain all the possible … Continue reading

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Facebook 419

Please I need your assistance very ungent Dear…Smallbeds , Between You and ******* ***” Uh-oh. They got through. What now, bitch?

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Big feeds with little feeds upon their sites to pack 'em?

On the aforementioned bus journey, my companion spent some enjoyable time regaling me with tales of his work Christmas do, spent with Scouting for Girls, and of a recent Beatlemania-esque stampede for We Are Scientists trampling shop stock under foot. … Continue reading

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My very first paid-for music download

On the bus back from an Oxfringe event last week I started chatting to the lovely chap from Witney’s only independent music shop. As we talked about work and play it struck me that in line with my new year’s … Continue reading

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We built this Sadville on rock and roll

Saturday saw me largely confined to the house with my bad back, which meant I missed a party in London and was feeling particularly fed up. I decided, rather impulsively, to drink something and wander round the internet. Only at … Continue reading

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