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‘Tis the season to be awkward

There are sociable and unsociable streaks running through my personality like veins through marble. On one level, though, I appreciate the necessity of socializing that comes with the festive period. I’ve lost track of too many friends in my life … Continue reading

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The long day’s journey into work

I know that the summer solstice, a week and a bit ago now, is old news; but I wanted to post this before it became entirely old hat: I decided to take advantage of the daylight, to walk my commute, … Continue reading

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Sadly, the surveillance state itself doesn't catch fire quite as easily

Last night’s firework display in Eynsham, though surprisingly pricy at £5 a head, was also surprisingly exciting. There was a good ten or twenty minutes of solid fireworks, including airborne catherine wheels, enormous multicoloured explosions and rockets that turned into … Continue reading

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Solstice without the sol

On Saturday morning at around 3 o’clock, addedentry, K. and I set off in what still seemed to be the middle of the night, in order to reach the Port Meadow tump in good time for the sunrise. As we … Continue reading

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Let's celebrate it, whenever it is

My diary claims that Friday is the summer solstice. Saturday would be more convenient. And the adventist calendar for 2008 is silent on the matter, and precession complicates matters anyway. We’d like to celebrate it, anyway, as it’s a day … Continue reading

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Wise men at their end know the dark is right

Early autumn has a sadness sometimes, that late autumn does not. Like an ageing beauty clinging to its youth, summer is desperate not to release its grip. Summer activities are undertaken defiantly but desperately, until autumn and the prospect of … Continue reading

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I got better

Well, that was a lovely weekend, until the bout of some quasi-mononucleotic virus that laid me low from yesterday evening until a few hours ago. I’ve had the muffleheadedness of a cold, but with almost no outward symptoms: my sinuses … Continue reading

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