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Dammed stream of consciousness

Each new year, K. and I struggle to make resolutions. Not for want of will: we both want to seize the day, when we’re not in the mood to seize the duvet instead and hunker down. But rather, we always … Continue reading

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Generic New Year Blogpost

Posts by Brennig and Looby have reminded me that I’m coming to the end of the ideal time for both retrospective and forward-looking blog posts about these two years, the border of which last night, pumped up on port and … Continue reading

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When you wish upon your heart

Looby asks in comments what I want out of 2007. Currently, provisionally, tentatively: lots of things. But not all of them are fully formed enough to discuss yet. Last year K. and I spent much of an early January day … Continue reading

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Making your vote count, you dullard

It was recently suggested that the voting age be lowered to sixteen in the UK. This was prompted by falling turnout at various elections. If only there had been such a fall in 1913 then Emily Wilding Davison wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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