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Oral history is not always evenly edited

And in the council they resolved to go to¬†Ireland, and to leave seven men as princes here, and Caradoc ap Bran as the chief of them and their seven knights. These men were left in Edeyrnion; for this reason the … Continue reading

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The purpose of art is to stop time

Our trip to London this weekend turned into very much a trip into its arts history. The Muybridge exhibition notwithstanding—that had been our original motivation for going—we spent most of our time looking at references to and images of long-dead … Continue reading

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Helping out a badass in need

My granddad is nearly ninety. He was a badass in the Second World War, and I love him. He joined the 24th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery when he was 17. Not long after, he found himself on the … Continue reading

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Sie haben Stroh im Kopf

hatmandu takes a stand against sub-editors and becomes famous. Well, amoral careerist shithead Jack Straw vocally remembers his effort, but that’s a greater sort of fame than I’ve managed thus far. Well done, hatmandu, for not just sticking to your … Continue reading

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Sadly, the surveillance state itself doesn't catch fire quite as easily

Last night’s firework display in Eynsham, though surprisingly pricy at ¬£5 a head, was also surprisingly exciting. There was a good ten or twenty minutes of solid fireworks, including airborne catherine wheels, enormous multicoloured explosions and rockets that turned into … Continue reading

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I syndicate; you alert; he/she/it twits

Twitter is a simple, sufficient method of one-to-many and many-to-many communication. It’s free in the first instance (I haven’t read its terms and conditions for non-individual not-for-profit use), it provides syndication through close integration with SMS and RSS, it has … Continue reading

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Flowers care only about how they look to bees

The Poet Laura-eate provides two perspectives on the problem of the colour of one’s poppies. I tend these days to wear a red poppy. But then I’m not wearing it entirely for myself any more: I’m also wearing it for … Continue reading

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Dydd Dewi Sant hapless

It’s almost a feature of Wikipedia, rather than a bug, that any articles that aren’t about Perl or Tolkien tend to present all the facts to hand, often with embarrassing “citation needed” links besides anything for which they don’t have … Continue reading

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Hitchens, the trailer

Once again, the LRB comes up trumps with its understated sarcasm: this time, the target is Christopher Hitchens and his new lite-lit book on Thomas Paine, and the marksman is John Barrell. Strictly speaking it seems to be a biography … Continue reading

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He's distracted by, he's distracted by

Infinitarian has recently mentioned the parallels between The Wicker Man and The Prisoner. In a burst of synchronicity I have just bought Voices of Animals and Men by the Young Knives. Their single The Decision features two videos, both of … Continue reading

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