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Dydd Dewi Sant hapless

It’s almost a feature of Wikipedia, rather than a bug, that any articles that aren’t about Perl or Tolkien tend to present all the facts to hand, often with embarrassing “citation needed” links besides anything for which they don’t have … Continue reading

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Hitchens, the trailer

Once again, the LRB comes up trumps with its understated sarcasm: this time, the target is Christopher Hitchens and his new lite-lit book on Thomas Paine, and the marksman is John Barrell. Strictly speaking it seems to be a biography … Continue reading

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He's distracted by, he's distracted by

Infinitarian has recently mentioned the parallels between The Wicker Man and The Prisoner. In a burst of synchronicity I have just bought Voices of Animals and Men by the Young Knives. Their single The Decision features two videos, both of … Continue reading

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Ropier than I remember

I attended Witney’s remembrance service today. It’s not entirely in character for me: I tend to shy away from large organized events unless they’re festivals full of my demographic (or what was my demographic, five years ago, I suppose). But … Continue reading

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Dowland art a devourer of links

Those who’ve read my recent post on the eternal battle of populism versus classicism, and how the twain shall ne’er meet, and as a result would like to hear a little Dowland—a mental and emotional leap along the lines of … Continue reading

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Stop all the clocks

When your grandfather’s character doesn’t follow the template laid down by adverts for Werther’s Originals, it’s difficult to apply terms of affection to him. But love him I do. Like j4, I’m reminded whenever I see him that time is … Continue reading

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Demoticratic hamartia

K. has already pointed out the hilarity of sections of the BBC talking point on the Iraq sovereignty handover, so I won’t steal her thunder except (if I may) by quoting one of the more wall-eyed e-mails: A historic day. … Continue reading

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