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Fortune favours the fumbler

While coming back on the ferry I was the sole witness to a minor miracle. My excessively short-sighted eyes have never got on well with photochromic lenses; besides, when I buy my expensive, extra-thin, extra-brittle, extra-fragile glasses – suitably powerful … Continue reading

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Season of longings

A couple of weekends ago one of my colleagues offered us all a day trip on the riverboat he lives on. K. and I joined a number of my co-workers in hopping on board – often literally, as it passed … Continue reading

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Coming out of Cowes, forwards

I’m back from our sailing trip, and I’m not dead. A few days ago this was all I was wishing for, really: ending up in the Solent in my post-influenza state would’ve left me a bag of shivers and rattling … Continue reading

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How storms whirl us off course

You can actually lose a whole week to quite minor illness, I’ve found. But I’ve been told by a few people that, from the stress I was feeling, I was probably fighting off this nasty bout of fevers and headaches … Continue reading

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