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Vehicular peculiar

Look, the behaviour I exhibit in this story is going to seem very odd, and quite possibly very entitled, unless I approach it from a very specific angle. Apologies in advance, and here we go. Imagine you were trying to … Continue reading

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Our car Hrududu failed to start again this morning, as the battery had drained itself of charge and its connections, held on by jubilee clips for years, have started to come loose again, apparently owing to differential shrinkage of metals … Continue reading

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Skidding on a bike is one of many ways to lose control

As the bad weather rolled in a bit more than a week ago, I started to abandon my bicycle. I’ve cycled to work one day this week, and that felt rather hairy. Most of my journey, if I so chose, … Continue reading

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The squeaky steel gets a tweak

I’m not one to succumb to driver privilege. For example, a co-worker recently began a discussion with the phrase: “The problem with having a car is that, although they’re basically completely necessary, they..;” and while the decorum of the situation … Continue reading

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It all hinges on me

This morning one of those well-advertised 80mph gusts swept the car door almost entirely off the rest of the car. Being as mildly obsessive as I am mildly Aspergery, I’d filled the boot nearly a year ago now with plenty … Continue reading

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The Bulleteer is <lj user="borkenangel">

Since deciding on the crazy notion of producing a free booklet of short stories (orders still accepted!) I’ve given myself the treat of driving to work without guilt. It’s a fourteen-mile round trip which I managed on my bicycle much … Continue reading

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An unfound sound befrowns a bounder

Yesterday, as I pulled into work, the car started making a crackling, popping sound somewhere behind the fascia under the radio. It was intermittent and seemed somehow tied to the behaviour of the engine. But on the way into Witney … Continue reading

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