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Like Ma Bell, I got an ill deceleration

I’m sat here planning a journey again: tomorrow, heading up north, 150 miles there, 150 back. I’m sat here feeling ill again: a cold, traceable to a client meeting I didn’t want or need to go to. Sometimes it feels … Continue reading

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The year ends with a twist

I write this gingerly, my wrist recovering from a bad sprain sprain acquired a week ago today. It was a mould-covered wooden bridge that took my bicycle tyres out from underneath me, tricking me into landing palms first. A trip … Continue reading

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Skidding on a bike is one of many ways to lose control

As the bad weather rolled in a bit more than a week ago, I started to abandon my bicycle. I’ve cycled to work one day this week, and that felt rather hairy. Most of my journey, if I so chose, … Continue reading

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The cruelest month is only a day long

We’ve returned from an early Christmas with my parents: first, a week in and around Preston, visiting my grandfather, aunt and uncle, and close friends of the family; second, a long weekend in Cardiff, visiting K’s parents for their wedding … Continue reading

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Training owls; but next time we train ourselves

K. and I went to the Hawk Conservancy Trust last weekend, just west of Andover. It was a marvellous experience: the slightly understated nature of the birds in their enclosures is completely offset by the incredibly well choreographed displays: choreographed … Continue reading

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Visit the Fylde Coast, circa 1990!

If you’re from the North West or even south-west Scotland, Blackpool will probably be a regular feature of your youth: unless your parents voted Tory and habitually took you somewhere posher; either of which are rare in the north but … Continue reading

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Could the Romans not have levelled it off a bit around here?

In order to break the link in my mind between cycling and the drudgery of my commute, I decided to go for a lunchtime cycle ride today: just for fun. I’m too tired of a weekend to do anything as … Continue reading

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