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It’ll be light soon, but I’m light now

My tendency over the years has been to move towards lighter and lighter bike frames (though not quite as expensive as carbon-fibre ones), but then acquire considerably more gear on top of them. The past two years I’ve ridden a … Continue reading

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The opportunity to secure ourselves

A few weeks ago I finally decided to try out cleated shoes and pedals on my main commuter bicycle. My older, heavier bike had toeclips on it, which someone else had fitted; I had always felt that the big, fat, … Continue reading

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If you've no way to hide then you've nothing to fear

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my yellow cycling jacket, but seasons change and eventually it becomes time to put away clothes better suited for the wet. The sun has started to show a more regular appearance, and I … Continue reading

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Ascetic, acid

Yesterday it rained from the moment I left the house to the moment I got to work: not heavily, but sustained. That much water can wet the dryest biscuit, and by the time I reached my destination all of me, … Continue reading

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Not everyone is an idiot or a git

Some five years ago—probably just before I started blogging, as I can’t find anything about it here, and you just know I would—a certain huge cycle shop on Cowley Road tried to sell me the flysheet of a child’s tent, … Continue reading

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Cycling, watching myself cycle

I can’t begin to explain just how happy my new cycling jacket makes me when I cycle while wearing it. It’s not a particularly exciting jacket: it’s bright yellow, admittedly, with super-reflective piping along the inside and outside of the … Continue reading

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A long, circuitous journey

Hatmandu has a new bicycle. Because of the cost of the thing—ironically, he paid a good deal of the folding stuff for it, do you see what I did there—he naturally wants to know how best to prevent it being … Continue reading

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