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Cycleless, marketless, townless

I managed to sneak in a cycle ride yesterday afternoon. There was still potentially work from clients, but in practice it would wait for Monday, and I was feeling really rather rough: like I was coming down with a cold, … Continue reading

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Pussing through the Great Wen

I’d agreed to meet a new client at their offices in London, and yesterday was the day. I left the house at 8am, and didn’t get back until after 9pm: seven hours’ working; six hours’ travelling, of which three was … Continue reading

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Copenhagen strategies

We’ve both just returned from Copenhagen: a conference trip for me, a birthday holiday for K. Denmark is an oddity: much as Finland looks Scandinavian when you squint, Denmark looks a little Germanic when you don’t. The capital city is … Continue reading

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Spokesman for the downtrodden cyclist

Tim Ireland thinks David Cameron is a moron. Normally I’d agree with him (although for “moron” I’d substitute “weird crypto-aristocratic melty-faced greenwashing muffintop of a pointmissing waste of political capital”). But not in this case. Call Me Dave should never … Continue reading

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Tiny rocks in their heads

Since the floods, the cycle cut-through between the Ballardesque gated development on the Burford Road and the roundabout on the Hailey Road has been somewhat dangerous. Some parts of the path surface have been washed away, which makes the road … Continue reading

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Sting in the trail

The apparent usefulness of rail-side path into Port Meadow is entirely negated by the council’s decision to close it after seven p.m. This is enforced by two locks: a Yale lock that can be pushed open until evening, whereupon an … Continue reading

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Unfinished business

I take it all back. The car park in Port Meadow is being resurfaced, right up to the north end of the cycle path. Now, if the university could only set aside their usual control-freak habits and not shut the … Continue reading

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Racked with pain

Last night, on behalf of a cycling lobby group, K. and I surveyed the cycle space on the Botley Road commercial estates. To explain: the car traffic on Botley Road, Oxford’s only westward-leading arterial road, has long been a bone … Continue reading

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One long gag

The cycle lane between Summertown and Jordan Hill (a business park between Oxford and Kidlington, to the north) is dreadful. It has been clearly planned by someone who has never ridden a bicycle in their life. The horror of it … Continue reading

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