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These are very small; those are far away

Today began with a morning in our own garden, then continued with an afternoon in the local farm museum, where I help out occasionally. Volunteers, including me, were taught how to help with the animals, and a few tweens had … Continue reading

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The squeaky steel gets a tweak

I’m not one to succumb to driver privilege. For example, a co-worker recently began a discussion with the phrase: “The problem with having a car is that, although they’re basically completely necessary, they..;” and while the decorum of the situation … Continue reading

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Switch off, delve in, flake out

The stress of buying a house takes all the wind and bluster out of one, which is why there’s been so little posted here recently. I’ve been almost too busy to be angry about things, not that you’d know if … Continue reading

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Real cyclists get frostbite and joust

Via Hatmantwitter comes Rob’s excellent Real cycling blog. Incunabula, ridiculous cycle lanes and fox wee. And a quiz on real cycling which disdains, among other things, lycra. I had my bike stolen once, almost a decade ago now. I followed … Continue reading

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Spokesman for the downtrodden cyclist

Tim Ireland thinks David Cameron is a moron. Normally I’d agree with him (although for “moron” I’d substitute “weird crypto-aristocratic melty-faced greenwashing muffintop of a pointmissing waste of political capital”). But not in this case. Call Me Dave should never … Continue reading

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Not everyone is an idiot or a git

Some five years ago—probably just before I started blogging, as I can’t find anything about it here, and you just know I would—a certain huge cycle shop on Cowley Road tried to sell me the flysheet of a child’s tent, … Continue reading

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Crossed wires

Yesterday I woke with bike repairs in mind. I’d probably even dreamt about the frankly undesirable gear-cable fitting that was ahead of me. As I lay in bed, though, twinges in my lower spine—I am over 30, after all—prompted me … Continue reading

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Eppur si muove!

Once again my cones are in motion. After some six months of rattle-free pootling, the impact of an OBC coach from behind meant that I had to throw the back wheel away. And, with everything in the hands of my … Continue reading

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Oh, loosen up!

Why is it that I can never get the cones permanently tightened on my bike? What am I doing wrong? Last night I fitted a brand new back wheel, and not only tightened the cones with cone spanners—using a trick … Continue reading

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