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My carbon audit for 2009

Last year I discussed my carbon audit for 2008. I use The Carbon Account to keep as close a track of my personal carbon emissions as possible. This year I’ve been keeping a similar record, but the result is confused … Continue reading

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Hooray for toll bridges

When I first heard someone complaining in the local press about it taking them forty minutes to get into Oxford from west Oxfordshire, my immediate reaction was: so what? That sounds about right, and if you have the misfortune to … Continue reading

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The bus on the route goes round and round

I try to make sure that I mislay my wallet every few months or so, to keep honed my instincts of semi-poverty acquired in early childhood and reinforced in mid-studenthood. Today, though, leaving it on the bus was compounded by … Continue reading

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Truck coach ticket available

For anyone going to Truck next week: we’ve overbooked our coach tickets to the tune of one. Return tickets are available Festival Coaches, going direct from either Oxford (or London) to the festival site in Steventon. These tickets—leaving Oxford early … Continue reading

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