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Copenhagen strategies

We’ve both just returned from Copenhagen: a conference trip for me, a birthday holiday for K. Denmark is an oddity: much as Finland looks Scandinavian when you squint, Denmark looks a little Germanic when you don’t. The capital city is … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2009

Last year I discussed my carbon audit for 2008. I use The Carbon Account to keep as close a track of my personal carbon emissions as possible. This year I’ve been keeping a similar record, but the result is confused … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2008

I track my main sources of carbon emissions using The Carbon Account. You put in your mileage—it works out your car’s efficiency from its make and model—and your meter readings—it works out your electricity’s greenness from your provider—and it does … Continue reading

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Wherever you go, there you are

K. and I are back from our wet weekend in Brighton. Without meaning to, I ended up indulging my weakness for out-of-season coastal towns: this particular location was quite lovely, with the shops on the pier dotted with boarded-up units, … Continue reading

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Smoothie journey through Barcelona

Barcelona, being a big city, is utterly unlike the surrounding countryside. The food is fantastic, with a lot of vegetarian options. As with many European cities, eastern influences have actually improved the range of non-meaty food available, and among the … Continue reading

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Going downhill fast

This year’s work junket will see us skiing next week, near the Franco-Italian border. It’s hard to reconcile the sport as a whole with climate-friendly objectives. Most ski resorts are carbon-intensive in themselves, before you factor in the effect of … Continue reading

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It looks like up to me

I’ve been away from this blog for sufficiently long that one of my home computer’s browsers has forgotten it existed. That’s tantamount to shameful neglect on my part, and it’s only owing to rumours that Social Services have begun to … Continue reading

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