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Very, very quick update on the house

We’ve exchanged. I would’ve said earlier but I’ve been away at a spectacularly badly-timed conference. We move on October 8. I panic, oh, about now.

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Shining a light on all sorts of things

For the first time this year, we were present in the town when the Christmas lights were switched on, and so decided to actually see what happened. In previous years we’ve contrived—unintentionally, I promise you—to be away, or merely unaware. … Continue reading

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Autumn publication

Well, look at this.

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Mankind is our business

What’s Christmas all about? What’s the season about, generally? Our modern celebrations have so much associated with them that it’s difficult to know where to start listing the objects, concepts, ideals, activities and whatnot that you might feel “make Christmas” … Continue reading

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Fitting in

This Saturday was K’s birthday, and we celebrated it with a barbecue in what turned out to be intermittently pouring rain. It’s a cliché to say “it didn’t dampen our spirits”, but it really didn’t. A lid on the barbecue … Continue reading

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Disease-ridden vermin… go back to school this week

Of course, I spoke too soon about my unalloyed joy at the goings-on at the bird-of-prey sanctuary. I should never have put myself in such close proximity to a dangerous vector for respiratory diseases: by which I mean, of course, … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #5

I can wear unsuitable clothes most of the time, because the weather barely affects me between my car and the office. Also, I have a large metal locker that I take everywhere, which I can use to store lots of … Continue reading

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