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A shout in the street

After having temporarily dislodged my kneecap, I spent a few moments unable to think of anything else but that ice-cold, roiling ache. I barely opened my eyes as I swore continuously and rather loudly, entirely out of keeping with the … Continue reading

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Spiritual fruit and religious jams

A couple of weeks ago the weather was a bit wild on the way home: Oxfordshire invariably gets the rest of the country’s leavings, for which this time I was grateful. Merthyr Tydfil very manfully stepped in front of the … Continue reading

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He's distracted by, he's distracted by

Infinitarian has recently mentioned the parallels between The Wicker Man and The Prisoner. In a burst of synchronicity I have just bought Voices of Animals and Men by the Young Knives. Their single The Decision features two videos, both of … Continue reading

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