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I was young once, but the youth are young forever

This weekend we went to see friends in Sheffield. For a change, the (outrageously expensive) train journeys changing at Birmingham were almost entirely faultless: certainly nothing we could complain about. That is, only if you consider what the train companies … Continue reading

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The purpose of art is to stop time

Our trip to London this weekend turned into very much a trip into its arts history. The Muybridge exhibition notwithstanding—that had been our original motivation for going—we spent most of our time looking at references to and images of long-dead … Continue reading

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Commenting isn't democracy but it might be history

Reviews, even favourable ones, don’t always make you want to read, see, hear, visit or otherwise experience the work of art being reviewed. Sometimes that’s because the review makes it plain that it’s suitable for fans of a certain genre, … Continue reading

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I syndicate; you alert; he/she/it twits

Twitter is a simple, sufficient method of one-to-many and many-to-many communication. It’s free in the first instance (I haven’t read its terms and conditions for non-individual not-for-profit use), it provides syndication through close integration with SMS and RSS, it has … Continue reading

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A novel proposal

Jonathan Jones refutes the charges against Heart of Darkness, but I’ve never really been convinced there’s a case to answer at all. In paragraph 38 of the original essay by Chinua Achebe lies the oft-quoted (by Jones too) complaint of: … Continue reading

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Dydd Dewi Sant hapless

It’s almost a feature of Wikipedia, rather than a bug, that any articles that aren’t about Perl or Tolkien tend to present all the facts to hand, often with embarrassing “citation needed” links besides anything for which they don’t have … Continue reading

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Hitchens, the trailer

Once again, the LRB comes up trumps with its understated sarcasm: this time, the target is Christopher Hitchens and his new lite-lit book on Thomas Paine, and the marksman is John Barrell. Strictly speaking it seems to be a biography … Continue reading

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