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The party’s over, Queenie

Put out fewer flags: we’re coming to the end of the long Jubilee weekend. And it’s been full of the usual vapid jingoism/celebration of constitutional tradition that accompanies such events, followed by the expected welcome imposition of democratic sanity/jealous carping … Continue reading

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If you want to get ahead, get a helmet. Or don't.

To the editor of Cycle, the CTC magazine: Sir, It’s always a shame to see factions of CTC cyclists still arguing with each other over whether one “ought” to either wear, or be forced to wear, a helmet. The argument … Continue reading

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In age we learn; in youth we underrate

I was recently introduced to Charles Dickens by j4. Some twelve years ago I gave up on A Tale of Two Cities in disgust, finding it waffling and turgid; yet since the start of 2009 I’ve been engrossed in j4’s … Continue reading

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A novel proposal

Jonathan Jones refutes the charges against Heart of Darkness, but I’ve never really been convinced there’s a case to answer at all. In paragraph 38 of the original essay by Chinua Achebe lies the oft-quoted (by Jones too) complaint of: … Continue reading

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Writing the distance

Moving house is always traumatic. This time we’ve attempted to circumvent the usual stress of the organisational aspects of the move, by preparing almost obsessively. Even at a point where we were largely at a low ebb from grumbling illnesses … Continue reading

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“Amygdala?” “No, she went of her own accord.”

In his review of Mind Wide Open, PD Smith mentions Johnson’s suggestion that amygdalic–neocortical conflicts (which have nothing to do with almonds) mirror Freudian concepts of the battle between the superego and id. The actual and conceptual equivalents are both … Continue reading

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