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Question: where am I?

My country has no flag. Its has no national anthem, although some of its citizens are partial to folk music and Morris dancing. No seething, populous crowds cheer my country on, with loud or incoherent cries in the street. Its … Continue reading

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Let us celebrate this monumental progress!

Forward! with the great people’s construction project! May great successes befall the imagining of your beneficient representation through the medium of collectively owned urban transport infrastructure! Celebrate the greatness of both our interpersonal bonds and the proletariat’s cultural simplicity, through … Continue reading

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Passion is not belief

I’ve been accused recently of harbouring a religious zeal about climate change: in fact, it’s been suggested by my attendance at a lecture given by Monbiot in the Sheldonian back in late 2006 formed the basis of a conversion narrative. … Continue reading

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We built this Sadville on rock and roll

Saturday saw me largely confined to the house with my bad back, which meant I missed a party in London and was feeling particularly fed up. I decided, rather impulsively, to drink something and wander round the internet. Only at … Continue reading

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A novel proposal

Jonathan Jones refutes the charges against Heart of Darkness, but I’ve never really been convinced there’s a case to answer at all. In paragraph 38 of the original essay by Chinua Achebe lies the oft-quoted (by Jones too) complaint of: … Continue reading

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Burning down The House

On Saturday I followed the herd and went to Luminox, the performance-arts event that took over Oxford’s Broad Street for three days. It’s difficult to describe the premise—vast numbers of ceramic pots and metal sculptures, all belching fire, but not … Continue reading

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Row on row

I wore a red poppy this year, for the record. Partly this was because, as I say, I was attending on behalf of my Grandad and I know what he’d wear. If you asked my Grandad, and many people like … Continue reading

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