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Scientists are mostly skeptics; denialists merely wrong

I admire skepticism. Being cool-headed about empirical situations helps you make informed conclusions, and hence decisions, even as you might labour under the pressure of those situations. Science constitutes formalized skepticism: strictly so in its theoretical, dehumanized sense; more approximately … Continue reading

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Problem exists between experiment and researcher

I’ve been a Popperian for years. That’s not to say I’m a fan of Robert Popper (although I am); rather that I susbscribe broadly to Karl Popper’s philosophy of science. The basic tenet of it is that science advances only … Continue reading

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If you like evolution so much why don't you go live there?

For the record, by the way, anyone who responds to urgent requests to modify their behaviour (and by so doing help to avert catastrophic climate change) with that rubbish by Carl Sagan is a point-missing, privileged, footling buffoon. Evolution proper … Continue reading

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The ripe fruits in the garden

Today I killed an animal, myself, for the first time in my life. I’m not counting insects, those weird clockwork and shellac creatures that die so easily. And although I’ve always tried my hardest not to do anything to craneflies … Continue reading

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We know what we know, and deny what we deny

(Letter to the LRB, sent 24 April 2007, unpublished) Dear Ms Wilmers, Re: Letters, LRB 29/8 (26 April 2007) In an attempt to play down the global scientific consensus on climate change, Louis Harovitz employs philosophy of science with cavalier … Continue reading

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