Fighting one or other good fight, but not both

One of the first things I noticed about the first climate-change meeting I went to was that the audience overlapped to an astonishing extent with the Stop-the-War crowd. I suppose that’s to be expected: we middle-class do-gooders should stick together. Well, whether we should or not, we do.

Given the shared audience, you’d think that the one thing neither organisation would want would be for their events to clash if they could avoid it. So scheduling them both for, say, Thursday evening, in the town hall, in nearby rooms, would presumably cause alarm bells to ring among the pinko-liberati that straddle both camps and a compromise would be sorted out. After all, the combined committees have local experts in conflict resolution at their disposal.

I’m happy to report, therefore, that a division of audience this week never actually happened. The Green Party has never been at war with CND. And we have always been at war with CAMRA and their filthy pastie ways. Long live Big Brother!

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2 Responses to Fighting one or other good fight, but not both

  1. sbalb says:

    Don’t think I hadn’t noticed that already. You’re all over online Lancastrian beer like Dutch Hop Disease.

    “Mr Entertainment”.

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