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Cycling, watching myself cycle

I can’t begin to explain just how happy my new cycling jacket makes me when I cycle while wearing it. It’s not a particularly exciting jacket: it’s bright yellow, admittedly, with super-reflective piping along the inside and outside of the … Continue reading

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Pastoral, interrupted

Today I left work while there was still a dribble of sunlight over the landscape, melting into the valleys just as the frost itself started to solidify. Going from a five-minute-late departure on Friday, to one five minutes early on … Continue reading

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Going downhill fast

This year’s work junket will see us skiing next week, near the Franco-Italian border. It’s hard to reconcile the sport as a whole with climate-friendly objectives. Most ski resorts are carbon-intensive in themselves, before you factor in the effect of … Continue reading

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If you like Speak You're Branes so much why dont you live their

Current affairs abound in dichotomies, real and imagined. The past few days have taught me that right this news-second there are two people in this great nation of ours: those who are in an almighty froth over Rowan Williams’ recent … Continue reading

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Buck up, Tim, or: what a total webring

I posted some time ago about the chilling effect on free speech of rather too freely bandied-about writs. In doing so I made a Z-list contribution to a nascent webring in support of those on the receiving end of those … Continue reading

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Oh, suddenly EVERYONE's a lexicographer

When they’re not prosecuting their devoted customers through the RIAA, big labels like EMI are trying to pretend they’re everybody’s friend. Such was the discovery of thenulldevice, when he found a sampler in Rough Trade Records which helpfully defined the … Continue reading

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My leathery, tired belly is starting to groan

Hello. I’m more or less back. Time will tell if my antibiotics have worked. Well, time and the unmistakeable stab of sharp burning sensations underneath my ribcage. I see the police have voted themselves more pies in my absence. I … Continue reading

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