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It's Larry Lessig on the Cluesaphone, paging the music industry

Having an opinion diametrically opposed to a noted professor has hardly impeded politicians in the past, but you’d like to think it was worth our glorious leaders noting that almost everyone except the big music companies and their free-bun infrastructures … Continue reading

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The LRB is political because everything is political

I’ve tried to think of ways of explaining why the LRB is such a fantastic publication, and why everyone who counts themselves a reasonable, informed human being ought to subscribe to it (much as they should also pay at least … Continue reading

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Purple alert

I haven’t seen Metcheck’s storm watch turn puce for some time, so when it did last night I realised I’d have to be in early tomorrow, just in case the predictions turned out to be true. Ominously, our house was … Continue reading

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The bus on the route goes round and round

I try to make sure that I mislay my wallet every few months or so, to keep honed my instincts of semi-poverty acquired in early childhood and reinforced in mid-studenthood. Today, though, leaving it on the bus was compounded by … Continue reading

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But we're lost on the Westway

Yesterday, like most other days, I cycled to and from work between rolling Cotswold fields. For a change, though, I took a minor detour: via a train from Charlbury to London Paddington, across to Islington and back in time for … Continue reading

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Truck XI: live blog

I did the same thing last year and it garnered me a whole new fan, so I thought I’d try again. As before, don’t trust Twitter times, and you can find my edits for clarity—and l’esprit d’escalier—in square brackets. Saturday … Continue reading

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Truck coach ticket available

For anyone going to Truck next week: we’ve overbooked our coach tickets to the tune of one. Return tickets are available Festival Coaches, going direct from either Oxford (or London) to the festival site in Steventon. These tickets—leaving Oxford early … Continue reading

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Constructive criticism

As house building companies shed employees left, right and centre, I regret not posting the sekrit insider information I had a few weeks ago. K. quite rightly warned me off, out of libel concerns: suggesting that a company is doing … Continue reading

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Intellectual vacuum

Every community has variety, and scientists—a lazy demographic shorthand used to describe people so fantastically different that the variation is far more important than the average—are no different. Despite the overwhelming majority of highly qualified climatologists who hold the opposing … Continue reading

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Turn off, tune out, go home

Following a conference in London on Saturday, I made what was in retrospect an ill-advised trip to the rainy Cowley Road carnival. My usual reservoir of social charm was utterly exhausted, leaving an echoing, hard, empty chamber. I rattled round … Continue reading

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