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Driver privilege #4

It costs £10 for the council to take away large items from people without cars, but I don’t need to pay that, because I already own a car and the extra use of it to go to the tip and … Continue reading

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Devotions upon Emergent Readerships

“Your really that concerned about what someone else is reading?” No man is a pamphlet entire of itself; every man is a chapter in the binding, a part of a book; if a leaf be blown away by the wind, … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with me #1: crown

Speaking of cocktail mode, the highest injury I ever sustained was down to a cocktail (or tabletop) video game in Blackpool. That makes it sound like I was wrestling with one at the top of Blackpool Tower and fell to … Continue reading

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #1

Cyril Hicks’ Drivers are dicks: Van full of vegetables; Head full of bricks.

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Life must be lived upright, but can only be understood cocktail

I’ve not always been a programmer, but since I could hold a keyboard I’ve been a computer nut. A nerd, if not always a geek. I collected games with obsessive avarice, although my choices were always the weird ones of … Continue reading

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #3

Ken White Overtakes like shite: Less of a driver, More of a blight.

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Driver privilege #3

Although my employment consists predominantly of manual labour, I feel justified in parking my vehicle as close as possible to where I’m currently working, because all my tools are in it and I think I have a right to reduce … Continue reading

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Hello, Dear Friend!

When I moved my site to I lost all the sidebar links. For this and all my other sins, which I cannot now remember, I am heartily sorry. I’ve now reinstated the sidebar links that still seemed to be … Continue reading

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Visit the Fylde Coast, circa 1990!

If you’re from the North West or even south-west Scotland, Blackpool will probably be a regular feature of your youth: unless your parents voted Tory and habitually took you somewhere posher; either of which are rare in the north but … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #2

“Although I could cycle my commute to work and get fit at the same time, I choose to drive instead. It’s socially acceptable for me to excuse this by saying that I want to have have enough energy left at … Continue reading

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