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Recovery posture

Wait a second, wait a second…. Oh, crap. rgl has already beaten me to it on all the Reading analysis I was bottling up during the long weekend. Well, if he would be less rock and roll and go home … Continue reading

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The Reading Festival cured my back pain

I’m back from Reading. I have performed the necessary ablutions that turn me into a human being: washing my hair turned the bottom of the shower brown. And my back is almost wholly well (if a little weak). I can … Continue reading

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All your troubles are behind you

A a a a a r g h. Jesus holy Christ and all his attendant wingèd hamster attendants. My back has gone bang, just below the knobbly bit that my right kidney hangs off (my grasp of lumbar physiology isn’t … Continue reading

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She who’s fat lass: fat longest

“I’m multifaceted, me. I am large; I contain multitudes.” “…You don’t sweat much for one who is legion.”

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Intention behind sub-editor’s decision “unconscious”

A comment from Vigornian prompted this, which isn’t really aimed at him at all. But the last person I witnessed using the phrase “scare quotes” was a linguistics professor, with an ability to understand and manipulate language roughly on a … Continue reading

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Be like Dad; keep in touch

I’m just finishing the second day’s holiday I took to entertain my parents. As usual I spent the first few hours of yesterday racked with guilt that everything at work would inevitably fall over in my absence. Visions passed by … Continue reading

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If I can shoot half a rabbit

There’s a Make Poverty Hislop gig tonight at the Zodiac: THE HALF RABBITS Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element Diatribe Doors open 7pm. I’ll be the one wearing all black, a leather jacket and a T-shirt with an obscure band on it. You … Continue reading

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Brayce yourself

Michael Eavis Tim Bray  

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Stay all day, if you want to

The Art BBQ has a kind of Superbad hotch-potch beauty to it, its main attraction being you can never be sure what subject, what object, what work and what style you’ll have thrown at you next. I found it via … Continue reading

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Not enough protest songs

As rgl isn’t around to point it out, I’ll mention that ill thought-out legislation governing live music in pubs will come into force this Saturday. The performance of music in this country will be at the very least decimated, if … Continue reading

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