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By the pricks who trade in slums: something wicked this way comes

Two days ago I read that mortgage approvals had dropped in absolute terms by 12.5% in December 2006. Today it’s announced that home repossessions surged in 2006. In between those two news items, I received a surprise letter from Allen … Continue reading

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Säkkikissa, Padraig an Phoist and Superted

Ages ago now, bluedevi asked if anyone could find the more extramural aspects of their experience of children’s television on YouTube. As she says, we’ve all had those bloody canonical conver—do you remember The Adventure Game?—sations, so this would be … Continue reading

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Too drunk to pluck

Last night (and much of this morning’s early bits) was spent at j4 and addedentry‘s housewarming. Despite their rashness in implicitly inviting all two million or so LiveJournal users, the house was merely comfortably crowded and, eventually, warmed. By 3am … Continue reading

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The freedom to be an idiot; for now, at any rate

You think you know people; you think you can trust your demographic; and then a bunch of them start saying witless, ill-conceived rubbish like this, in favour of ID cards. I’m stunned that rational people don’t see the harm in … Continue reading

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Flugzeit macht schrei

Congratulations, incidentally, to anyone flying this year: you’ll be complicit in the deaths of over forty people in the recent storms. That’s not strictly true, of course, but I’d like you to think of it as a hard-hitting metaphor. Pinning … Continue reading

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How cool is now?

You all know the arguments against Big Brother. You all know the arguments in favour of Big Brother. I won’t patronise you by rehearsing them here, each with its own bullet point. Of more interest is the tone that airing … Continue reading

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It all hinges on me

This morning one of those well-advertised 80mph gusts swept the car door almost entirely off the rest of the car. Being as mildly obsessive as I am mildly Aspergery, I’d filled the boot nearly a year ago now with plenty … Continue reading

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