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The hardest button to buttonhole

Speechification’s superb service to the nation has delivered The Human Button into my podcast tracking devicicule recently. It’s broadly speaking a nutritious slice of Reithian radio and very listenable, although just as establishment as milord would have loved to hear. … Continue reading

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In years to come, you're all allowed to say you met me

Tomorrow, at 12.30pm, I finally receive the fame and respect that I’ve known all along I deserve. That’s right: a five-minute slot on local radio. Nobody could claim I don’t deserve that. It’s to advertise the conference I’m organizing in … Continue reading

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He Believed He Was Right

In this Saturday’s Guardian Review, Daniel Dennett is quoted as saying: “I have no doubt that the scientific vision is right… superstitious doctrines will just have to give way.” I don’t know where to begin. Possibly with the blanket dismissal … Continue reading

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Speaking of which, Richard Dawkins has just appeared on the Today programme on Radio 4. You’d expect a qualified scientist to be talking about science, of course, but no! he was talking about religion. Gosh, who’d’ve thought it? Especially considering … Continue reading

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I can no longer care

How selfless, how uncomplaining of Estelle Morris, as relating to Brian Walden today her experiences at the hands of those dreadful men of Fleet Street. In particular she mentioned how she had heard that journalists had been digging around in … Continue reading

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