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The ballot is stronger than the breloc

Those who were wondering about the candidacies of K and me for little Pahamovca’s mayorship have a double disappointment ahead of them. Sadly, we both failed to obtain enough votes in the first round election, which was held coincidentally at … Continue reading

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Scientists are mostly skeptics; denialists merely wrong

I admire skepticism. Being cool-headed about empirical situations helps you make informed conclusions, and hence decisions, even as you might labour under the pressure of those situations. Science constitutes formalized skepticism: strictly so in its theoretical, dehumanized sense; more approximately … Continue reading

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On the side of the funny-looking angels

There’s a set of animals which, on my journeys home, have a particular quality that I’d describe—if pushed—as eldritch. Horses, deer, barn owls. All of these animals stir some atavistic sense of wonder and fear inside me, and when they … Continue reading

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"The only thing I depend on is my Colt 45"

“It’s funny how the Independent has policies that the general public don’t know about, but press officers all do.” “Like?” “Like how they never report anything about Greenpeace, and they’ll only report something about the Royal Family if it’s a … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson must hate your children…

… otherwise I can’t understand why he would want their finances, their homes and their very way of live ruined by runaway climate change in the near future. I’ve met a few people who, despite being reasonably aware of (and … Continue reading

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We can never have too much of your yapping

Via Rachel North, I present the return of the most annoying people ever to grace drinks advertising, the Wassup crowd. Don’t click away: it’s worth watching as far as one of them trying to hang himself: I envisage a followup … Continue reading

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The cheek of it!

As I posted this originally on a locked LiveJournal, here it is in all its glory:

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